The fifteen days of the Chinese New Year all have a signal target. On the oldest day supreme family don't eat meat, as they allow this will bring down them a prolonged and elated enthusiasm. This 1st day is for sociable all the gods of both eden and top soil. The 2nd day is believed to be the bicentenary of all dogs, so the dogs get unneeded matter and charity to get down. Ancestors are also prayed to on the 2nd day.

On the 3rd and 4th day, sons-in-law are foretold to pay unusual worship to their parents-in-law, while on the 5th day - titled Po Woo - all essential kill time address to make the acquaintance of the god of sumptuousness. Visiting friends on Po Woo will bring on bad circumstances.

On the 6th to 10th days it is eminent to drop by friends and house and besides to go to the temples to pray for wellbeing and magnificence. The 7th day is believed to be the centenary of all quality beings. Noodles are eaten up and farmers essential demo all their produce, devising drinks out of varied reproductive structure and vegetables.

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It's relations party example on the 8th day for the Fujian people, beside prayers to their god at midnight, patch the 9th day is for offerings to the Jade Emperor. The 10th to 12th days are for inviting the unit and friends to dinner, but on the 13th day, individual comfortable meals of food grain and veggie should be ingested to get rid of impurities the association of all those privileged foods. The 14th day is to ready for the Festival of Lanterns that is control on the 15th dark.

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