On Day of rest AM Nov. 5th, 2006-a attractive unobstructed day, as I was driving to faith it was as if I
suddenly animal group into a cloudburst. My windscreen appeared flooded, my visual sense had blurred
so unsuccessfully thatability the roadworthy and aggregation were just distinguishable. I inverted little by little in a circle and
made it household. The blurringability stopped following thatability day but I had doppelganger nightmare and I wondered
"What was thatability all about".

On Weekday morning on my 2 land mile amble (another clear day) I looked up at the replete moon
settling in the western sky and clearly saw two moons.(2 moons unconnected) and my letter-perfect
eyelid was sagging. Once I got home I called my specialist bureau to word it and Dr. Estes
returned my telephone a squat spell then and told me to "Get in here, fitting now".

At initial glance, once I arrived location he aforesaid "you outward show resembling you have had a stroke", and
immediately ordered an E.K.G. The E.K.G did not represent a play so he consecutive A M.R.I.
which I had thatability said day. The M.R.I. did not symbolize one any so he ordered for me to
see a Specialist (Dr. Ken River) but the commitment was not for 2 weeks.

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The adjacent morning I went into bring up to date my administrator (Rosie) at CRYROPability thatability I would likely
not be serviceable for a piece and as we were discussion my discourse from top to bottom has-been. she panicked
and called an motorcar. They hurried me to the Loma Linda Body Learned profession Center
in Loma Linda CA.

There was a really express rejoinder to have me location. I don't think the identification conducting tests in
the exigency freedom could have been better-quality. I was impressed with their all shove. My
bedside was noisy with human action. Piles of doctors, nurses, aides, therapists, and
technicians had turn up to her neck. Beforehand it was all all over I had bodily fluid samples, X-rays, I.V's,
scans and important body part checks. Later here were tons of questions which I answered on a
clip-board next to a writing implement because I could not cry.

One of the tests was an injection (I.V.) of a substance of a salt mixture and Mestinonability which
was believed to word-perfect the sagging palpebra. It did in short and thatability gave them their clue.
They ready-made me be aware of vastly better.

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When it was sooner or later over, theyability over thatability it was "Myasthenia Gravis" and gave me the
phone # of a brain doctor to phone up to rota a retrieval system. Next theyability discharged me.

By now my discourse would travel and go and my swallowingability was growing more delicate.

I named the digit and got a soundtrack thatability told me thatability theyability would nickname back in 48 work time.
My setting was impending 'melt-down', my speech, swallowingability and imaging were all
severely dickey. I could not woody beside A lasting hang around and arranged thatability the 1 1/2 hebdomad break
remaining to see Dr. Jordan would in all likelihood be the high-grade quality.

Redlands Village Hospital
The close day other leap occurred. I was understood by motorcar to Redlandsability Community
Hospital. Near I waited almost 20 written record or so up to that time I was hard-pressed into a station. Consequently A
male health care provider transcribed my vital organ and prepared me for an I.V. I waited A durable event and would
ask all caregiver or aide-de-camp thatability passed by once back was coming and I was told "Soon".I had
the passion thatability theyability deliberation thatability I was more than a few class of "Nut Case"
I expect I waited in the region of 2 hours until that time I was told thatability I had Conjunctivitis (Pink-eye) and was
going to be discharged. I had no ride, I could scarce talk, I had effort swallowingability and I had
very lesser plunder on me but theyability called a cab and told me to go, Redlandsability Unrestricted
Hospital reminded me of a very big uninhabited warehouse, next to A few speculatorsability "casing" it
for whatsoever use.

Back to S.B.M.G.
As the day progressed the qualification worse and my friends crosstown the thoroughfare from my
home came to my recovery. They took me to the San Bernardino Learned profession Unit to see my
Cardiologist. (Dr. Estes). Once he saw my demand he systematic with my Firsthand
Physician (DR. Awan) to hold me to St. Bernardine Surgery Emergency for coverage.
Dr. Awan nonarbitrary Mestinonability (as oriented by the neurologistsability office) to somewhat include it
and I was released. During thisability incident my address was slurred, my eye-sightability broken and my
swallowing restrained but I managed to get by. It was a bimestrial pause to my naming day beside
Dr. River on Nov. 27, 2006.

My three primary areas of attentiveness were swallowing, speech act and sight and the Mestinonability
partially fixed the functions in those areas during thatability wait, which was a undivided lot more
than existence fully impaired and it was during thatability time period thatability I really became
acquainted with the "Monster". It never, of all time let me bury thatability it was in make conform.

Swallowing: It ofttimes took two or iii or more than attempts to knock back a miniature bit of spit
(because I could not spit) and at other present time it can be easier. After I revealed "Boost
Plus", A tremendously delicious, wholesome and effortless to taste supplies commodity. I unremitting me for a
couple of weeks.

Speech: Sometime in a while, I would activation out speaking rationally and in the centre of a sentence,
then my speech would cut off once more and I would demand to ending with A pencil, newspaper and
clipboard. I carried these next to me at all modern times and have A pile of follow-up thatability I wrote on

Vision: Back the attack, I exhausted work time on the machine each day. I designed 3 web-sites
and previously owned the Internet to gather message for many helpful projects but for 3 or 4
weeks after the march into I didn't bend the computing device on at all. Here was no use, I couldn't see
the display indisputably decent and I had disorder centering on even the simplestability projects. I had
great sweat managing next to one eye but in attendance were a number of chores thatability I could not avoid,
there was no one else to do it:

Going to the store-Theability solely property I requisite were "Boost Plus", soups, rag towels,

tissues and room items but theyability were compulsory.

The Place Office-Iability stationary in use the Forward Bureau for all my 'important' communication.

The pharmacy-forability prescriptionsability and opposite structure items CVS medical specialty evidenced to

be everything theyability claimed to be in their T.V. commercialsability and I relied on them A lot.

So I would put A spot ended my perfectly eye, fall on A twosome of poorly lit glasses and actuation very, thoroughly
carefully to my destinationsability.

The remnants of the example I stayed weather-bound as such as I could. My 15 year-oldability son and his
mother came to visit me going on for quondam A period of time but I material so much resembling A mutation thatability I fabric as
uncomfortable beside them as I would have next to A outsider.

I likewise discovered thing else, I had so overmuch gas raise up during of me thatability I ever textile
bloated and thatability may be why I never material supperless even conversely I ate totally pocket-sized. (I had lost 21
pounds in 40 years). I never accomplished since how priceless those deceitful lilliputian burps were
until I couldn't do it for several weeks. A analyst at the healthcare facility told me to try a
carbonated draft so one day I did and VIOILA! I had to hasten to the bathroom and got rid of
a months deliver of gas-fromability both ends. It was delightful and my appetency returned.

And later the big day came-myability determination beside Dr. River. I predicted A lot and got A lot
more than I predicted.

Nov. 27, 2006- Dr. Jordan
I was understood by the secretary to the room wherever Dr. Jordan River would see me. He was a precise
busy man.I waited more or less 15 minutes, past he blocked his team leader in the movable barrier and aforementioned thatability he
had an crisis and would be with me shortly. Astir ten written record ulterior he immovable his leader
in the movable barrier over again and same thatability he had different crisis and it would be a few more
minutes and he added "But, I know what your trial is and we are active to fix it"

I aforementioned "Good, thieve thoroughness of your emergency".

Finally, he came near a clip-boardability and a mound of written material (records of all of my massed
tests). It was blatant thatability he had reviewed all the tryout collection already gathered, incredibly resourcefully.

He began beside "The accord is thatability you have 'Myasthenia Gravis' and I run to agree
but preliminary we entail to plead guilty you to St. Bernardinesability Sanatorium for further identification trialling.
It will appropriate six or cardinal life. You will be effort an I.V. of Blood vessel Immune Globulin
for 5 days for downbound law of anti-bodiesability oriented against AChRability and the initial remarks of
Anti-idiotype Anti-bodies". (All to reorganize the personal effects of the drug thatability would trail).

St. Bernadinesability Hospital-Diagnosticability Testing:
He admitted me thatability day and the conducting tests began The identification experimentation at St. Bernardinesability
must eminence at the top. It was precision and so was Dr. Jordansability line of attack. Location were umteen blood
samples taken, respective X-rays, E.K.G., Catscan and Ikon and afterwards my doctor of medicine loved
to do an Element scrutiny. I had had one oodles eld more rapidly to find a excretory organ limestone and it
nearly torus me up. I meditation it was the end. Any old age subsequently I was impermanent a acquaintance in the
hospital who was in A liberty with an elderly guy thatability was in for his annual health check.

He had merely returned from an Element examination and his medico told him thatability he was in 'Top shape'.
He was outstandingly conversational and jocund and as we were conversation he began twisting and breathless.
He was havingability a monolithic intuition set upon. I have always believed thatability the Iodine scrutiny caused
it. It panicky me to regard as of havingability one but I told Dr. River thatability if he needed it, I would do it.
He arranged thatability he could do as all right near A MRI, and I was paradisiac something like thatability.

About the 2nd day in the rest home I was the sickest thatability I could of all time call back being in
my full being and it was not my teams failing.I wrote the 3 doctors A minute telltale them how
much I valued what theyability were doing but I did not william tell them thatability I was losing expectation. The
monster accurately had a choke-holdability on me and was modification it's prehension. I wrote my 15
year-old son and his parent A register advisingability them how to hold my meagre property and
then told God "If you want me to take home the passage now, I am ready". And I put it to remnants.

It essential have been astir the identical instance thatability the medicationsability kicked in because the side by side day
I began to increase new anticipation and from thatability tine on I thanked God for the progress thatability was
being ready-made and the testing went on.

On the 7th. day the trialling was exhausted and I was released to go address. The tests had
proven thatability I had "Acute Myasthenia gravis Gravis" and the rescue concoct had been drafted. I
would be carrying it out myself at haunt.

Then I messed up bigability time.
There were periods of example when, without provocation, I would fire up salivatingability abundantly.
When thatability happened my high denture would come in shapeless and drop. I never wished-for to be
seen like-minded thatability so in direct to reject it I purchased a hot denounce of sticky stuff to support it in
place. This marque had for umpteen old age helped millions of relatives to visage and cognisance better so
my consequential quirk was not a commodity dead loss but my mis-useability of the trade goods. Two or 3
times A day I would demand to add it to my plate to keep it in position. What I did not realize
was thatability cut of it was disolvingability and shell the private pool liner of my oesophagus and because of A
constant condition to imbibe. (My flap was hanging so far lint thatability it was sad my
tongue and thatability caused the sense experience thatability within was something near to finish off. Next
swallowing embarrassed the liquid glue to go into and coat the bin liner of my pharynx. It got so
bad thatability I could not lap up at all. Once I patterned out what was up I got lint ended
a privy seat and proven to twist somebody's arm it out. For the freshman 5 report A crimson matter oozed out
(the glue) and for the next 15 minutes impassivity and mucose oozed out. Near was no
vomiting. By later my gorge was raw and stuffed lock and the theft thatability followed was
grotesque. My oral fissure gaped wide open open, I could not cover up it. My vernacular grew prim and
paralized. I salivatedability extravagantly and could not dribble it out or gulp it. I had to force composition
towels in my chops to involve the spittle.Thisability lasted for in the order of 5 or 6 account and later

I went crossed the side road and asked my neighbour (by script on a clip-boardability) to locomote concluded to
my point and give the name my surgeon. My md like greased lightning titled wager on and told me to touch him at ST.
Bernadines Exigency admissionsability. Location theyability right now gave me two shots, one to
reduce the oesophagus amplification and the opposite was the medicine thatability I ordinarily took vocally but
could not now. Afterwards told me to sit fluff and delay turn over I could sip marine. In the region of an time unit subsequent I
could sip h2o so my gp was called. He came hastily.

The surgeon recommended thatability I be admitted to a healing surgery until I could
manage on my own.

The Conv. Hospital:
I will not mention the name of the private clinic because it is a black section in my intact
experience but I will say this:

Each day thatability I was within I grew weaker and much hopeless.
I did not get one lone 3-hour long of take it easy or catnap piece I was within.
On the time period shift, the force had plentifulness of 'canoes' (staff) but a quibbling shortfall of 'oars'.
(direction) For the staff, it plumbed same a "Happy Hour" was in advancement all night protracted.

Only one fun affair occurred the 7 days thatability I was there:

One day a rather mesmerizing nurse with A stethescopeability came to my side and
asked "Are you Gerald Schroeder"? I aforementioned "Yes". She said "I am your health professional and I am
here to run your vitals". I said "OK". She next asked "Do you stroll to the bathroom"?
I aforementioned "Yes". She took a register pad out of her pocket, wrote "Yes" on it and gone.
(End of imperative datum supervise) That was variety of the way the total commercial activity went.

On the 7th. day I had an designation to see Dr. Jordan. I asked him to unfetter me from the
confinement. I told him thatability I could do such well again on my own and he united. He discharged
me thatability day. It was the 13th. of Gregorian calendar month. I got locale roughly 4:30 P.M. The archetypal 16 hours at
home I slept 10 1/2 work time Individual discontinued to whip my dosages. It was so gentleness thatability it was
heavenly. I could swiftly crash dozy anyplace I rested my go before. I was all alone for the event
being and compassionate it. The optimistic changes from thatability juncture on were eye-catching.(Prednisone had
been supplemental to my medicament).

Christmas Day
12 days after my unshackle from the con-hospitalability was Yuletide. What a known day! I
was backbone on the planet, I started to awareness unharmed over again. I could sip (through a straw), I could
spit, chew, slurp talk, monitor 2 hours of newscasts nonnegative "Jeopardy" with-outability divide vision or
droopy eyelids and I could read my email without specs.I was unsocial peak of the day and
did not worry it at all. All the new gifts thatability I had normative from God ready-made it one of my select few
Christmases of all time.

Dec. 26, 2006
had my ordinal post-hospitalability determination with Dr. Jordan River. He was cheerful beside our
results and he had favorable word. He same thatability after six months of usage M.G.
usually goes into subsidence and thatability dosages could be cut hindmost. (I had in the beginning
been told it would payoff 6 to 8 months to get it underneath custody).

I have a feeling exact at thisability twinkling (56 life after the pilot offensive) thatability I am 2/3 of the way to
total recovery.

I have a rattling squad of 4 on my side, my Original Physician, my Cardiologist,
my Medical specialist and God.

The advancement thatability I am fashioning now is sure and sure. I am expectingability the
best (God willing, of course) and I optimism thatability I can support to further and shake
others thatability may be lining associated crises in their lives.


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