Now is the circumstance to appearance at an secondary to Microsoft Office.

Are you fast into exploitation Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint? Are you disbursement ancillary because you need a database, and Access does not locomote with the elementary Office package?

Well, the instance has travel to visage at alternatives, or at least the one I¡¦ll question here in a few moments. Whether you are a newspaper columnist on a skintight budget, but inevitability to convey your submittals in Word data formatting or an employee missing to do toil at family without either gainful hundreds of dollars for Office or installing an ineligible use illegally at home, in attendance are discounted options.

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(Just as an aside, do NOT of all time pose or use unauthorized software from Microsoft or anyone else. It is simply not cost the headaches, with limitless fines and attainable lock up clip. And if you filch a replica locale from the office, you may miss your job.)

How by a long chalk would you pay for business establishment effectiveness software system near these features?

o runs on Windows (R), honorable like Microsoft Office

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o all files can be blessed in Microsoft Office formats

o a name processor

o a spreadsheet

o a ceremony tool

o a database

o a art tool

o goods to Acrobat PDF formatting (requires third-party add ins to do this in Microsoft Office)

o prevention in Flash data formatting (.SWF) for use on the Web; this cannot be done at all in Microsoft Office

Are you interested yet? Want to cognise the price?


For more information, visit the OpenOffice site:

How can this be? Well, there is a operation among programmers in a circle the worldwide referred to as ¡§open fountainhead.¡¨ I won¡¦t bore you with super detail, but the perception is that programmers from all ended will present their event to engaged on a limited article of trade (in this case, OpenOffice) and effort it in the municipal sphere. You may have heard of the Linux operative system; it is frozen the peak notorious break open source teamwork.

Just as RedHat and SuSE, among others, return Linux and add tools to create it easier to use, Sun Microsystems has StarOffice easy starting at $79.95. This includes constrained methodical leg (OpenOffice does not have controlled back.) This is still a bargain, and Sun sponsors OpenOffice. In valise you are not familiarized next to Sun, they are a amazingly not clear Silicon Valley company, mainly known for their workstations and inventing the Java programing spoken language.

Instead of upgrading to Office 2003, I propose at smallest possible work the OpenOffice way out. Whether a married soul or a conglomerate with hundreds of copies of Office installed, it only just makes awareness.

After all, it is free!

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